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Money makes the world go round – Putting cash back into the system to boost spending power

by Tradeling editorial team

When economies stall it puts consumers and businesses into a bit of a predicament. You want to spend but your purse strings are tightened. You constantly hear the words “cost cutting” around the office. Tradeling, a new, young start-up launched just before the global pandemic forced the world to shut down, understands what is required to keep companies ticking over, especially in times of hardship. Since lockdown restrictions were lifted, Tradeling has been coming up with various solutions to keep customers flush so that they can keep their businesses ticking over as others tighten their belts.

Tradeling is always looking at ways to keep customers spending. After all, that’s what economies need to flourish. As companies resumed business following weeks of lockdown, Tradeling announced several campaigns and extended a hand to the business community, ranging from supplying care baskets for its customers packed full of wellbeing essentials to cash back offers to keep businesses flush.

It’s little things that make a big difference. For example, when the lockdown started, businesses, both large and small, needed to ensure that their employees were safe at home. Tradeling made things easier by packaging up supplies so companies could send care baskets packed with masks, gloves and hand sanitisers to help protect their staff. They even went as far as putting a little treat in the pack to keep people happy. 

Tradeling also launched a 5 per cent cashback offer to the HoReCa sector to help the hospitality, restaurant and catering sector to get back on its feet after months of shutting up shop. The campaign was so successful, saving customers some AED 1.5 million, that it has now extended the offer to customers ordering Office Supplies to keep them flush when purchasing goods on tradeling.com

One of the biggest issues for companies all around the world, is access to capital. The only way to remedy this is to put money back in the system so people can continue to spend. This is why Tradeling just launched a Buy Now Pay Later campaign, designed to give customers the added luxury of access to cash and longer payment terms. Let’s not forget, times are tough. But tough times also present many opportunities, and a little bit of flexibility gives local businesses time to find those opportunities and grasp them. 

Tradeling’s latest campaign provides a bit of breathing space to businesses so that they don’t have to worry about tight payment terms. Instead, they can finance their orders to help boost their cash flow at the same time. 

Survival of the Fittest 

We don’t want to be living in a world where only the fittest survive. We need to ensure that business, both big and small, thrive. All around the world we are seeing people being furloughed or laid off as companies, including even some big names, collapse. If we can take stock and assess what is needed, then each and every one of us can have a role in getting the world back on its feet. 

Peace leads to prosperity 

Humility and simple acts of kindness go a long way at times like these. Businesses need more flexibility. We can’t operate normally in abnormal times. Those that do, will struggle. 

If governments, policymakers, corporations and individuals rally together and look for solutions then our planet can keep prospering. Prosperity leads to peace, and peace is the key to a vibrant economy. This is something we all want – and crave. 

If you look at all the big trading hubs around the world, you will see that they share one thing in common; they have strong economies. Trade gives consumers greater choice, competitive pricing and better purchasing power, which in turn helps their own economy. To keep spending up you need trade to continue to go back and forth around the world from east to west, north to south. e-Commerce platforms, like Tradeling, are the modern-day vessels designed to keep trade flowing and more and more businesses are turning to them to do business. In this new, COVID world, they are a valuable resource, and a key economic driver. 

As the age-old adage states: money makes the world go round. So, let’s keep it rolling with simple acts of kindness and goodwill business gestures.

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